Business or commercial storage

Business Storage – Commercial Storage – Trade Storage

Business storage is the ideal partner for your company.  A good self storage manager acts as an extension of your business, with storage becoming an integral part of it. With the increasing home and e-business market, self storage can provide a flexible, cost effective and convenient way to extend your business.  Commercial storage may include stock, archive records, documents and data you need stored off-site, non-hazardous products, merchandising goods, or point of sale materials or any business equipment.

The advantage of self storage is that you can increase or decrease the business storage space you use as often as you like. The cost of trade storage space is more economical because it eliminates leasing commercial or industrial property for storage and, unless you are on-site using power for extended periods, there are no other outgoings such as electricity, advertising signs, etc.  Many centres offer commercial ancillary office services for the use of fax and photocopier, phone, scanner, email and even meeting rooms.

Self Storage can solve your marketing material and distribution needs. Why have sales reps traveling wasted kilometers back and forth to base to pick up product or samples, when they could access them at any time from a local self storage facility unit and spend more time on sales than on traveling. Many major companies which have an interstate HO or lots of area representatives have realized the cost benefits of having their sales force use local self storage units. Again, a good self storage manager will offer palletized goods movement (using a forklift) and parcel goods acceptance and goods collection services (for Couriers to collect), leaving your representatives free to perform their sales roles.  It is also fantastic for trade storage so equipment or stock may be collected as often as you like or you can put tradesman’s trailers in trade storage.

Other commercial storage services include:- separate vehicle storage, container space (48 hours to unload stock), cardboard waste disposal, shelving hire, lighting & powered units, pallet jack, filtered water, tea & coffee in the office or soft drinks for sale.

Self storage is your safe, secure, accessible off-site business storage solution. Once again 24/7 access is the flexible key. Employees may easily be allocated their own gate access code so you can track who has accessed, at what time and for how long. Also available is EasyCode, a mobile app linked to the Eureka Storage gate system, no need to remember the gate code, receive notifications, track activity, alarm notification and direct access to resident manager. Call the manager for further details, 0418 881 456

While you might not need these services every day, you have the peace of mind of knowing that whenever you do want them, you can access them. Call 07 3888 8111 to discuss your options today!