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How safe is your storage facility?

Use your own security PIN code to access our well-lit, security-fenced Eureka Storage facility at any time. Then, with the key you hold, unlock your own individually alarmed unit.  Our facility is under 24 hour, state of the art video camera surveillance, monitoring activity and recording to hard disc.  Our resident manager is experienced and professional, offering confidentiality and password-protected privacy to our customers. It is as safe as self storage can be.

Is there a standard with which Eureka Storage complies?

Definitely.  Eureka Storage Pty Ltd is a member of the Self Storage Association of Australasia (SSAA), an organisation founded in 1990 by a small group of facility operators, but now a professional industry body representing over 1200 centres – over 92% of all storage space in the region.  Membership is extremely important to both operators and clients alike as the SSAA sets guidelines on legal, operational and ethical standards of its’ members, all of which Eureka Storage complies with.

How does self storage work?

A self storage centre provides customers with their own individual space. No one else can access it unless the customer issues another person with keys, codes and space number/s or authorizes another person, e.g. an employee or family member to access.  The owner of the goods is solely responsible for, and retains control over, not only their goods placed into storage but also access to that space by other persons on their behalf.  Customers keep the key to their own space and can access it 24 hours per day / 7 days a week.

How do previous storers view Eureka Storage?

We receive regular compliments by email, mail and in person on the level of service we offer clients, on how they felt welcome and importantly on how we could not have helped them more.  Our level of repeat clients and client referrals to new customers is very high.  To see why 1000’s choose us click on this link to some testimonials.

Is Eureka Storage above flood level?

Yes.  We have not experienced any flood which has reached anywhere near our ground level.

What can I store?

Anything that can be moved is able to be stored from a few boxes to a house full of furniture, cars, boats and caravans; or stock, equipment, vehicles or archives for businesses. Items unsuitable for storage are hazardous, dangerous, illegal, stolen, perishable, environmentally harmful or explosive goods.

How much space do I need?

We have over 40 different sizes and configurations of storage units over 2 levels and we work with customers to ensure you move into the most appropriate economical space specific to your needs. Our friendly managers can assist or you may determine the size required for your unique situation by following this link eureka storage space calculator.  Telephone or call in during office hours – 8.00 am to 5.00 pm Mon to Fri or 9.00 am to Noon Saturday – or email our managers and they will contact you to help choose the best size.

Will there be spaces that suit MY needs?

Even though we have over 40 various sizes to accommodate customer’s requirements we welcome and recommend an inspection to view our complex and to reassure yourself of the size required.  Our units are located on Roadways, Ground level off roadways and on an Upper level via a very LARGE Goods Lift. We also have a separate hardstand area to store vehicles, boats, trucks, motor homes and caravans. Even if we have limited availability we are able to reserve the unit size you prefer so we may allocate the next available one to you for whenever you need it.

If I want to store long term is Eureka a good storage environment?

Eureka Storage offers a high quality environment.  We believe that pest control is just as important as security, especially for long term storage. Whilst we carry out the regular spray pest control around your unit, unit doors and buildings as per most storage complexes, our unique regular extra Pestigas Fumigations penetrate your unit to ensure that your goods enjoy a pest-free environment.  Our high level of facility cleanliness and maintenance also wards off unwanted visitors of the creepy kinds. Top this off with great prepayment deals and Insurance Cover to suit.

How much does storage cost?

The storage cost per calendar month is determined by the unit size, ranging from as little as $85 through to $780 for our warehouse size.  There are no hidden charges, deposit or bond. The calendar month is from your start date through to the same date the next month. Great package deals are available for various storage period pre-payments to save you very real dollars. Optional services include Insurance Cover, Hire of Trailer/Forklift/Shelving/Packaging Items (Wrap Pads & Tape Gun), Goods Acceptance and Cardboard Disposal.

What benefits are included in my storage cost?

At Eureka Storage there are no hidden charges or fees.  You will benefit from our regular free Pestigas Fumigations (which we believe are just as important as security) to maintain a pest free environment for your goods, having a resident manager on site should any problem arise, use of our fully enclosed trailer to move your goods in, individually alarmed units and 24/7 video camera surveillance for extra security, the ability to insure your goods for greater peace of mind, insulated roof and exterior walls for cooler units, well maintained facilities for cleanliness and safety, use of pallet jack and hand trolleys, packaging materials and cartons kept in stock for a one-stop shop, our used carton buyback service and coffee, tea and cold drinks in the office.

Should I insure my goods in storage?

We recommend insuring your goods, especially against our Queensland storms.  Eureka Storage has purpose-built buildings and systems in place to give our clients greater peace of mind and to allow you to insure your belongings whilst in storage. We offer clients extremely competitive Insurance Cover underwritten by QBE, payable in line with storage fees.  Just ask our friendly team for a quotation.  Alternately a phone call to your current insurer will confirm if you may transfer your existing cover to our location. Vehicles may be insured via your vehicle insurer.  We advise you to consult your current contents insurer about transit insurance cover on your goods, whether you move the goods yourself or opt to utilise a removalist.  Your level of cover will vary from insurer to insurer just as it does from removalist to removalist, some of whom may offer insurance cover in a variety of circumstances.

When can I access my goods?

At Eureka Storage you have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our office hours are Monday to Friday 8.00 am – 5.00 pm and Saturday morning 9.00 am – 12.00 noon.

What payment methods do you offer?

EFTPOS, Visa or MasterCard (Automatic Authorized Credit Card Deduction optional and Telephone Payments accepted), Internet Banking (You may wish to set this up automatically to transfer from your account to ours by the due date), Cheque and Cash.

Is there a discount if I pay in advance?

Eureka Storage offers a range of package deals for various period prepayments, depending on unit availability or ‘Manager’s Specials’ but the minimum discounts applicable are 2.5% for 3 months, 5% for 6 months and 10% for 12 months advance payment of storage fees. Talk to our helpful managers to arrange a package deal tailored to suit you.

What happens when I want to move out?

Eureka Storage require that a full 7 days notice to vacate your space be received. Otherwise we charge a week in lieu of notice.  A refund, if due, based on charging a weekly rate for the used portion of the storage month, will be paid after inspection of the vacated unit.  You should fully vacate your unit and leave it clean.  We request that any new forwarding address be supplied together with your Bank A/c Name, BSB & A/c Number for any due refund to be processed.

Does the Manager have a key to my unit?

As this is a self storage facility the Manager does not hold a key to your unit unless you have a special service requirement such as Commercial Delivery Acceptance or Despatch.

As a commercial customer, what if I need delivery or despatch services from my unit?

We do offer a convenient goods delivery acceptance and goods despatch service.  In this case we use a “Managed Storage Agreement” which has specific terms for this type of storage service and may or may not need to hold a key to your unit.  Simply discuss your needs with our managers.

How can I move my goods into storage?

We have a complementary enclosed trailer for our customers to use on moving in.  It is a popular service so please book ahead to ensure availability. We are also able to refer you to a removalist with whom other clients have been happy or to truck or ute hire if you wish to utilise these.

Can I purchase packing materials from Eureka Storage?

Yes, we carry everything you might need to pack up your home or office in stock, so just come in during office hours.  Select what you need from our range of sturdy cardboard cartons, archive boxes, bubble wrap, butchers & tissue paper, large carry bags, wrap blankets, mattress & lounge covers, knives, marking pens, tape dispensers and tape. Click packaging supplies to see more.

Does Eureka Storage sell second hand boxes and buy back my used boxes?

Yes we buy back used boxes in good condition (no holes, clean and retain their shape) so just bring them in for a refund or save heaps by buying second hand if they are available.

Can I receive my storage account from Eureka Storage by email?

Yes, this is our preferred method of correspondence as anyone who is travelling during their storage period can receive correspondence immediately.  Email notices and SMS phone messages make contact very easy for most people but we will still use your street or mailing address for some notices or if you prefer this method.

Where do I start?

Moving is a huge re-organization.  To make it much easier please see our Moving Tips page so you don’t forget the things you need to organize.

Moving seems so hard!

Eureka Storage managers understand how stressful an experience moving home or office is and that the experience can be different for each individual. We make every effort to work with our customers to make the process as smooth as possible and welcome any suggestions to improve our service to you. Our professional managers can, based on the information you relay to them, estimate the space you need to store your belongings, suggest the quantities of packaging you require, offer extra services which may suit your needs and give helpful ideas on how you may best store your goods. We listen! Just call 07 3888 8111.