Allow for childrens’ concerns

  • Expect different emotions from children of different ages – Small children may be scared of being lost or left behind and will want to be surrounded by family
  • Moving is often hardest on adolescents – Teens are sad to leave friends and worry about making new ones
  • Draw maps of the new home/location/area & invite them to plan their new bedroom – Knowing what familiar or better things to expect helps kids greatly, as does having a ‘choice’ about something which will be ‘their space’
  • Ask them to list their questions about moving & their favourite last place to visit – What do they want to know and what place would they like to visit again before they leave this home. It can be a reward for helping out, too
  • Ask who they’d like to say goodbye to & get them to create an address book of friends – Kids need to say “goodbye” to special people and putting together their own contact details creates a ‘bridge’ between both places
  • Keep their routines as normal as possible – Especially smaller children cope better with few changes to daily routine

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