Dangerous Goods and Food Items

  • Arrange alternatives for dangerous goods – Removalists will not carry gas bottles or other dangerous goods
  • Eliminate self-combustible and hazardous items – Products like Hay, Chlorine, Paint Thinners, Fuel, Gas Bottles, Flammable Liquids. Aerosol Cans may explode with pressure or temperature changes
  • Remove batteries from small items – Batteries corrode in storage & ruin these goods and surrounding items
  • Disconnect vehicle batteries – Batteries should be disconnected in vehicles being transported
  • Drain fuel to near empty & tighten lid – Mowers, whipper-snippers, etc should be no more than ¼ full of fuel
  • Separate frozen or refrigerated food from dry foodstuffs – Pack in esky for short move; Give away for long distance move as you cannot store food in refrigerators/freezers in storage or in transit
  • Dispose of opened packet foodstuffs except those you will eat on route – Opened or packet foodstuffs cannot be stored. Canned & bottled unopened containers may be packed for storage. Seal boxes well.

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