General Packing Tips

  • Visit Eureka Storage, your ‘one-stop’ shop – Obtain affordable cartons & packaging supplies. Get a package deal
  • Use mainly even sized sealable cartons – Saves you space, time & cost for removalist & storage – stacks easier
  • Food boxes from grocer may carry pests or grease to your contents – Fill boxes to capacity; partly filled boxes don’t stack or will fall over
  • Ensure used cartons are clean
  • Pack to edges, but not bulging at sides
  • Good taping prevents boxes opening & keeps out pest intruders
  • Tape well & seal all edges with tape
  • Pack tools well & pad out; Pack books flat, not on spine & fill out gaps
  • Pack heavy items in small strong boxes
  • Label as you go –  Write room + contents on box (eg. Kitchen Casserole Dishes) as you fill
  • Remove legs where possible – From beds & tables, etc to save space & avoid damage to other goods
  • Wardrobes & drawers – Empty robes/drawers & remove loose shelving; Secure drawers in place
  • Keep a ‘Picnic Basket’ & an esky – Keep a basic set of kitchen eating & cooking utensils/plates/cups that you can use even after your goods are removed as you still need them up until you are ready to hand the keys over.
  • Keep Cleaning Products & Equipment aside – you need to clean your home to handover. – Clean your furniture before it moves so you can place it & use straight away in the new home. If storing – cover to prevent dust settling.

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