Moving Your Favourite Plants

  • Check that your plants will move and live – Discern whether your plants will survive the journey; otherwise donate
  • Call relevant Agriculture Department 2 weeks before moving day – If you are moving interstate check whether your plants, especially fruit bearing plants, are allowed in the destination State
  • Be responsible – Plants diseased or with bugs should be left behind or disposed of
  • Decide if you have the room and means to move your favourite plants – Most removalists will not carry plants, especially long distance. Perhaps someone will care for them until you can return at a later date or donate
  • Transplant plants to move 2-3 weeks before, prune larger plants and kill plant pests – Use clean plastic pots in sterilized potting soil – protects plants and your expensive pots and saves you transferring disease to your new location
  • Take outdoor plant cuttings 2 days before moving & water moderately – Wrap cuttings in wet peat moss or newspaper & place in unsealed zipper bags to allow breathing. Place bags in waterproof box, packing in to keep upright and retain moisture. These will survive several days travel.
  • Pack plants last into your vehicle/trailer & unpack first at the new destination – Plants suffer from long exposure to heat or cold or lack of air, so care for them in transit & allow for their state of shock on arrival. Park them safely while you unpack. Some TLC will bounce them back in a short time

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