• Make “TO DO” lists in categories to organize yourself and other family members according to their ability to assist – Have multiple lists and add to them as you go: lists to:-  fix, sell, pack, dump, donate, tasks for family members, utility companies, obtaining records, bookings/open new accounts, cleaning tasks, general “To Do’s”.
  • Budget your move – depending on your situation consider the variables – Even if you do a lot yourself there are costs so plan to have sufficient cash for your move: packaging materials & boxes, advertise garage sale/e-bay, trailer/skip bin hire, repair costs, home selling costs, new home buying costs, bond/rent (if renting), new school books/uniforms, removalist, storage, increased phone/electricity accounts, insurance, travel costs – family/pets (if moving a distance), external house clean (high house), kids’ last favourite outing, farewell party, etc

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