Prepare Garage Sale

  • Arrange furniture in clean area of garage – Clean the ‘sale’ area first in case you have lots left over till moving day
  • Put smaller items on a table & sets together – Place similar things together & sell ‘bundles’ of cutlery, books, bolts etc
  • Obtain supply of cash change & bags – Ensure helpers have change (bum-bag good), bags, boxes, paper to wrap
  • Be prepared for an early start – Garage Sale professionals will turn up as early as 5.00 am
  • Price items if you like – Put a price sticker on anything you want minimum $$ for
  • Advertise special items separately & place local signs pointing the way, date & time of your sale – Weekend Shopper, Trading Post or EBay Auction are some options OR large items (Motorbikes, Trailers etc) can be displayed near front of yard with a clear sign next to them OR place sign in Public Bulletin Boards
  • Tell everyone: neighbours, colleagues, family – Your Garage Sale earnings could pay for your removalist, etc

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