Prepare Special Goods for Moving

  • Refrigerators & Freezers MUST be dry – Defrost & empty tray, remove all excess water, clean & dry & keep door taped ajar using a rolled up bath towel wedge in side or top of door/s
  • Drain Washing Machines – Clean machine f& rinse cycle through. Turn off taps, disconnect hoses & allow them to drain into basins overnight. ENSURE HOSES are completely DRAINED  & tie them up at back of machine
  • Firearms – Comply with relevant regulations for carrying firearms
  • Record Players & Records – Screw down turntables & pack records on edges with lots of padding
  • Mowers & Whipper Snippers – Drain relevant equipment so ¼ or less of fuel tank remains & tighten lid
  • Gas Cylinders – Tighten lid & either carry yourself or leave with someone else
  • Water Beds & Garden Hoses – Ensure completely emptied & tie ends up to ensure no leaking
  • Mirrors & Paintings – Protect using bubble wrap, then move & store upright only, not flat
  • Silverware – Use non-acid tissue paper & plastic bags to reduce tarnishing
  • Cast Iron & Chrome Items – To retard rust wipe with a little machine oil
  • Remove all batteries from toys & goods – Leaking batteries will destroy these and surrounding items
  • Stereos, TV’s, Videos, Computers (some have “self-parking heads”) – Use masking tape to label the ports & leads; Back up your computer; Use original boxes/packing for delicate equipment OR wrap well in bubble wrap, pad box well & pad out gaps to prevent movement in transit
  • Dishes – Pad well & Label box “Fragile” – Strip bubble wrap through 6 plates max., wrap bundle, place on edge
  • Crockery – Label box “Fragile” – Nest cups, bowls & casserole dishes individually wrapped & pad gaps
  • Glassware – Label box “Fragile – Top Load” – Use washers/rag/bubble wrap to fill the cup (stops implosion) & pad well
  • Leather goods & furniture: No leather to leather contact – Use paper or cotton cloth to separate shoes/handbags to allow to breathe – do not use plastic over leather goods; Cover leather furniture items with breathable material – blankets, sheets or similar – not plastic

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