Settling In Again – A dozen tips

  • Make sure you have said a great goodbye – Hope you had time to say goodbye to your old home and friends
  • Have a special event together – A Welcoming In party, plant a tree, family photograph, set up trophies
  • Get out the “Must Haves” first – Baby’s favourite toy, teen’s music, wine for you, basket for cat, etc
  • Then the other “must haves” – Get the fridge going, make the beds up, unpack bathroom bag & esky
  • Re-establish routines ASAP – Existing family mealtime, pet feeding, bedtime etc. routines still apply
  • Prioritize high use areas to unpack first – Kids clothes & study books, kitchen items & food, bathroom, laundry
  • Allow kids some say – Let them help set up their bedroom how they would like
  • Maintain some familiarity – Especially for kids & pets, they still need some of the old room items
  • Get to know the neighbourhood –  For safety and comfort, walk/drive around together & set boundaries
  • Help everyone settle in – Kids like to see their pets settled – keep cats in one room & dogs on leash till they get to know the area. Don’t meet neighbours through a lost pet!
  • Make new friends & keep old friends – Meet & greet your neighbours where the kids may find new friends too;  Join a club, community activities or classes to help kids meet new people; Plan for old friends to visit you in your new home or keep in touch by telephone or email.
  • Involve the whole family – With the essentials done, everyone can contribute to decorating or placing pictures, ornaments & photographs – now you’re HOME!

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