Start Packing

  • Obtain your cartons & packaging supplies – Eureka Storage has all you need in stock & can suggest quantities
  • Pack cartons to edges for good stacking – Boxes protect your goods and allow stacking by removalist or in storage
  • Mark your cartons whether for removal or storage & label “Fragile” if required – Mark an end with room & contents to help you with placement and unloading: e.g.“Bathroom – Hair products”; “Kitchen – Saucepans”
  • Wrap precious items well – Goods will arrive unscathed at your destination depending on how well you have packed them and
    labeled the box: e.g. “Fragile – This Way Up”
  • Use what you have to save costs – Use towels, linen/rags to cushion items
  • Pack books tightly – Pack flat in small boxes. Sprinkle talcum powder in pages if musty
  • Ensure rugs, drapes & linen are clean – Used clothing & manchester will stain & smell when stored

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