INSURANCE ….. Are You Covered?

“If it’s worth storing … it’s worth insuring” is an often used adage. Your life’s collection of goods and memorabilia is either in your own hands if you choose to move yourself or is in the hands of a complete stranger if you choose a removalist.  If you treasure your belongings, if everything you own in this world is being moved, it is wise to ensure there is some level of insurance cover over your goods in the event they are lost, stolen or damaged through mishandling, weather conditions or accident.  For any insurance during transit, make an inventory of your goods.  It will be worth the effort if something goes wrong.  DO YOU HAVE THESE COVERED?


If you are storing your goods between vacating your home and moving into your next home, there is definitely a solution so just ask us. Eureka Storage offers access to basic fire and theft cover through our Insurance Broker, Midland Insurance Brokers, at extremely competitive rates. Storage Insurance is solely for the period goods are stored in our quality facility and only on the goods stored at our facility, so does not cover goods in transit or loading or unloading of goods for which you would require your own cover and would need to discuss with your home contents insurer. You may also opt to simply transfer all or part of your contents insurance cover from your current insurer if they offer coverage whilst your goods are stored in a storage facility. Rest assured that Eureka Storage, with our purpose-built buildings, resident manager and state of the art security systems, is highly rated by Insurance companies. Different levels of maximum insurable value per storage unit apply at different storage complexes so, when you consider where to store your precious belongings, check that the storage facility environment and maximum insurable value suits the type and value of goods you wish to insure.

CARRIER  INSURANCE – Are you really covered:

Professional, licensed removalists usually offer one or more levels of insurance cover on your goods in transit.  Sometimes a basic level will cover you in the event of specifically a truck rollover but may not cover you if the truck plunges over a bridge, if the truck is stolen while they stop for lunch, if the goods are stolen from the truck while they stop overnight or if they drop your piano while loading or unloading the truck. Ask lots of questions and ask to see a copy of the events you are covered against if you take up a higher level of insurance cover with the removalist.  If you do not feel comfortable with the cover offered you can still opt for your own extra TRANSIT COVER through your home contents insurer before you cancel it and you may even be able to obtain just a ‘cover note’ with little cost.  Make sure you ask to cover goods handling at your destination too, until the goods are finished being placed in your new abode or in a storage unit.

“If it’s worth keeping … it’s worth insuring”